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28 Inch Gun Case

The 28 inch gun case is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an accurate and comfortable carry bag. It is also an excellent choice for those looking for a soft case that will provide them with protection and easy storage.


28" Rifle Case



28 Gun Case

If you're looking for a gun case that will accommodate all the needs of your gun collection, look no further than the gun case from our gun box. This box is made to hold all the gear for a full-blown gun collection, and the gun case itself is made to shirin patel's exact specifications.

28 Inch Tactical Gun Case

This tactical rifle scabbard gun bag sling backpack hunting shooting shotgun gun case is perfect for holding your tactical rifle or shotgun. The case is made of durable materials that will protect your equipment while you are on the go. This case also includes a backpack to keep your equipment with you when you are out and about. this offers a great gun case for your favorite gun. It is made from quality materials and it is very soft to hold. The case includes a 28 inch subsonic gun, making it perfect for protectors of the u. Gun control act of 1976. The case also includes a mag pouch and a red gun color. This gun case is also subsonic and offers high damage. It is perfect for your weapon. The case is also lockable, making it easy to take your weapon with you. the american classic tactical double short barrel rifle gun case is a great way to keep your equipment safe and easy. This case includes a 28"x14" fabricated from durable hardwood with a camo fabricante on one side. The case also includes a "doubly locked" keyhole with a saturnal gt 11 mag well and a set of o-rings. The case is sealed with a forgetful leak prevention coating and a two-year warranty. this sub gun case is made of high-quality materials and will protect your subgun while you're on the go. The case includes a lockable rifle gun case and a mag pouch, making it easy to store and protect your subgun.